Frequently Asked Questions

  • Pre-requisites:

    Linux hosting (for webservices) 
    PHP 5 or later with MOD_REWRITE enabled 
    Prestashop 1.5, 1.6 or later installed. 
    Usually any basic linux host with popular hosting providers have these settings by default.
  • How to test Prestashop's webservices:

    Enable Webservices: Advanced Parameters -> Webservices
    Click on Add new webservice key.
    On "key" field, click on Generate key.
    Select any resource and click "All" checkbox. Save.
    Copy the webservice key and go to:
    http://mysite.com/prestashop/api (just add /api to your prestashop's URL)
    A window will popup asking for credentials like this:
    Enter your webservice key as user, and leave password empty.
    You must see an XML displayed, that means your Prestashop's webservices work.
  • Are the stores independent from each other?

    Yes, users cannot see or modify other users stores. User stores will look like:
    yourdomain.com/UserStore1, yourdomain.com/UserStore2
    Where the name of the store is whatever they type on your front end.
  • Can the Admin see the stores and products of users?

    Yes, super admin is able to see all stores, products and users, this is already a Prestashop feature.
  • Can users have a domain or subdomain associated?

    Yes, they can change their default url by a domain name using their prestashop panel.
    You will need to give them permissions to do that by modifying their profile permissions.
  • How can I control the features of the users?

    Go to Administration -> Permissions
    Select StoreUserPanel profile (created by this module)
    Select any features you want the users to view, edit or delete.
    That includes features like:
    Change themes
    Use modules
    Change URL's (domain/subdomain use)
  • How can I change the texts of the module?

    You can easily change any texts displayed in the module using the module translation option.
  • How can I translate the module?

    On Prestashop's module, select "configure" on MultiStore Creator module
    Scroll down until you see a dropdown "Manage Translations"
    Select your language
    A page will open to change all the text used by the script.

    Another way to translate is by manually creating a new language file on "translations" folder of the script.
  • Will you add more features?

    Yes, we are constantly updating this script and you will get all updates for free.

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